Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dinnertime with Dad!

Mealtime at our house is multi-layered. (First there is mom pumping in the background every 3-4 hours to make sure the babies have ample mama's milk! There is more than enough milk for both kids!!!) Soliz eats a pureed oral meal and whatever he doesn't eat goes into a blended (with mama's milk) meal and into his g-tube. Having a g-tube has been a very difficult transition but I think we are finally seeing it's benefits for him as he has the opportunity to eat (which he often does a very good job of) and if he is not up for eating for some reason at that mealtime he is guaranteed the calories he needs for the day. He is in fact up to 16 pounds now!! He was at a steady 15 pounds for much of his second year (this can be common for WHS kids). Believe it or not Soliz is in the 50th percentile on the WHS growth chart! The g-tube also gives him a chance to explore food with new textures such as crunchy and chewy, two textures he is working on at this time.

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tia rosa said...

crunch crunch chew chew, soliz is cute and so are you!!