Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Resonance Board

The resonance board is one of the best places for Soliz and Camila to hang out together and get some playtime/connection time in. A resonance board is a 3' x 6' piece of board that's raised up off the ground a couple of inches.  Anytime the kids move they feel the vibration of their own movements.  It is a time to become aware of their own bodies in space.  The resonance board is a tool used for babies with dual sensory impairment-hearing and vision loss.  We play on the resonance board about once a day.  Sometimes I'll place the speakers on the board and the kids can feel the vibration from the music.  It either calms them or gets them riled up, depending on the music I choose.  It's an amazing tool that was loaned to us by the AZ school for the Deaf and Blind.  We are blessed to have such great support in Arizona!

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tia rosa said...

Everyone needs a resonance board!!