Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seasons Change

Some of our best memories of the Summer were swimming, swimming, swimming!! Towards the end of the summer we were at the condo swimming almost daily. Soliz loves being in the water. Hoping to get him enrolled in swimming lessons; the pool at Mama Jojo's condo is too cool now that we've dipped below 100 degrees!

Camila Rose, 5 months old.
Time with Roman is always sweet. Soliz and Camila love their big brother!

Pam, my amazing doula!

Swingin' with Nani!!
There are certain days when Soliz really shines during therapy. Today was one of these days. Here he is with Kris, his awesome physical therapist. He loved sitting with this bumpy ball.

A visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens.


Lauren said...

Your babes are so CUTE! I love the b&w of you and Camila! Hope that you are all doing well!

Hannah said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like both kiddos are doing well.

tia hil said...

Love the old pix,now for some new ones!! with glasses por favor!!