Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After a several week break from the high chair I present to you Soliz, just kickin' it in the high chair. Soliz is fed via g-tube. He also eats pureed foods and is learning to chew. To say the least mealtime isn't always easy. There were a few days there that he just fussed and fussed in the high chair. Actually he screamed bloody murder. So we decided to take a break from the high chair for a while. Apparently it worked. Soliz is back in the high chair for breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the most part seems to be enjoying mealtimes, and even enjoys chewing. Just today he completely chewed up two pieces of macaroni and swallowed it, along with a drink of cold breast milk!!!!! This is a huge accomplishment. Little by little we are getting there.



Hannah said...

So glad to hear Soliz is back to the chair and eating. Riley got her g-tube this week and is still taking solids and some formula. I hope to keep that up. I hope our babies are someday all orally fed once again. Love the picture, so cool!

tia hil said...

What a big boy, just chillin'!!

Lauren said...

Soliz looks adorable and it is great that he is back in the highchair! I think breaks really help! Sometimes we will take a break from physical therapy stuff and then Norrah seems to make strides after the break! Great job Soliz! Norrah is just learning chewing (she would rather swallow whole). This gives me hope too!

PS - how is camila post seizure?