Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soliz' Neck

A couple of weeks ago Soliz had an MRI to investigate his sacral dimple and his brain. Through this process we ended up getting helpful information about his neck! I am not sure if the technician saw something while she was in the process of looking at his brain or if she noticed his head was so turned that she investigated a little bit further down towards his neck. Either way it showed that Soliz has some kind of malformation on his C1 vertebrae. He is being referred to a neuro-surgeon that specializes in skeletal issues. I am hoping that this information will help us understand why Soliz has had a strong tendency to turn his head to the left since birth. He obviously has torticollis (which is a muscular issue) but it may be a more structural problem that we are dealing with. As you can see from the photos I've posted he has turned his head to the left since he was born. I will keep you posted on what we learn over the next couple of months.


tia hil said...

I love seeing the bambino photos! What an interesting discovery that has been made about his neck!! What a little trooper his is,(and his parents) xoxo

Bunny said...

Hi Heather Joy! I didn't realize that Soliz has a sacral dimple! Renzo does too. Have they told you anything more about it? We used to see a neurosurgeon, for like 2 minutes ... oops that was how much time he spent in the room with us ... I meant for Renzo's first 2 years, and then he was released. We have recently noticed some stuff going on with his spine, and are hoping to get into Ortho, or back into a neurosurgeon, but hopefully not the one we used to see ... or did we? LOL!
We keep your family in good vibes, spirits and prayers!