Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Summer is for Swimming

We have been swimming lots and lots this summer. Well Soliz has....Camila has not yet gotten into the groove, the water is either too cool or the sun too bright, but we think she is going to love swimming too. Here are a few shots of us at Grandma Jojo's pool, Camila's first swim in the big pool and Soliz' swimming lessons. Thanks to Grandma Jojo Soliz has been taking one on one swimming lessons every Friday. He looks forward to this time each week. Here are some great photos of him going under water! and floating on his back!! He got a ribbon for learing how to back float on his own a couple of weeks ago! I just about cried I was sooooo happy!! and proud!

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Kristy said...

The kids are so cute in the pool. I have yet to take Dylan into the pool this year - the water has still been a little too chilly.