Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our 1st Stay at Ryan House

PET THERAPY with ALLIE! Camila met her first dog ever. She was thrilled.

TUB TIME! Both kids got a bath in the super huge bath tub.

SENSORY ROOM/PET THERAPY! The kids chilled out listening to music and hanging with Jessie the dog under the super cool sensory lights (the lights change with each move you make).

HARP THERAPY!! Camila loved feeling the vibration of the harp with her feet.

HYDRO THERAPY! Soliz' favorite!!!


tia hil said...

Wowsers!! SO many ridiculously beautiful shots!! I want to go sometime!xoxoxo

lael said...

What an incredible place! Do you stay there for a period of time or just the day? Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing some of your life. xoxo