Monday, May 23, 2011

A Better Day

Soliz woke up very fussy again today after sleeping through the night. His level of agitation seemed so mysterious to everyone until his sister walked in the door for a visit. As soon as she lay down next to him he was himself again. They visited a while in the way that they do. He played with his music cube and even watched "Finding Nemo" which is an accomplishment for Soliz. Each one of these activities would be considered a big deal right now so to be content for at least 3 hours is something to celebrate!!! We will most likely be in the hospital for one more night while they transition him off of the IV pain med Toridal and onto Motrin, and make sure the Clonidine patch is the right dose. It seems like it is helping ease his anxiety level (who knows if he was really withdrawing off the Dex?????--such a guessing game in deed). They did add an antacid to the mix and I believe this is helping him tremendously. Considering the amount of drugs they have put into his system over the last week it would be a shock if he wasn't experiencing some kind of stomach upset. The whole thing has got my stomach turned upside down a bit. I am going to head home now to take a break, hang with Cams and blend up some homemade formula for my kids. Always praying for health and light. xox


Hannah said...

Soliz looks so happy to see his sister. I love the bond they have together, so sweet. Glad he is feeling better and getting back to himself. Hope he is coming home to recover soon.

tia hil said...

I Love the shots! So happy to hear you got to go home xox!