Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Lines Out

Soliz is peacefully sleeping. He has all lines out. No oxygen. No IV drugs. And Camila is missing him tremendously. So looks like tomorrow is our time to go home. We have been lucky enough to stay in an ICU suite the entire time even though we were supposed to going to the floor two days ago. As much as I want to go home and be reunited with my family, I am scared. Positioning Soliz right now is terrifying. In fact yesterday when we were trying put on his neck brace so that we could pick him up I crumbled onto Soliz' hospital bed and broke down in tears. It is painful to see my little boy in so much pain. He doesn't understand why his body feels so different now and why he can not move in the way he could before. I know each day will get a little easier, and it has, but it is so painful to be witness to. With this said, we are heading home tomorrow to start the next leg of this journey.

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tia hil said...

What an incredible journey it is! thank you for sharing xo