Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zen Boy

I have no photos to add tonight but I just wanted to say that Soliz has been a prince, a complete champion. I am so impressed with his ability to trust and be patient with this transition. It's as if he knows that being patient will make the process easier. He is able to swing, and scoot around on circles on the floor. He is loving walks and showers and it just feels so good to be home and back together as a family. I look forward to being able to remove the neck brace and for Soliz to be able to swim again. But he is not fixated on time, in fact he doesn't even realize that there is a day when he will get that brace off. But I do know he will be thrilled to get back in the pool again. This I know for sure!!! He IS chewing and eating well. For this I am so grateful. Camila is getting back into the groove of being home. She is going through so many changes right now that this bump in the road has been extra hard for her. Routine and home and family is so key to my kid's development. So grateful to have this knowing and be able to realize it.