Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eighteen Pounds, Three Ounces

We have been nurturing and loving this watermelon plant all summer long. And our summers our hot!!! I had been skeptically looking for watermelon fruits to be sprouting for months. Finally one day I just told myself if I don't see any fruit any time soon I am going to give up on this plant. It takes up more than half my garden!! Then the next day I looked down to see this perfect watermelon growing. I screamed and ran into the house to tell everyone to come see. And there are four more on their way. We had a great time eating it for dinner and for days to come. It weighed in at 18 pounds 3 ounces, just a bit heavier than Camila!! (posted by HJxoxo)

This is a photo of just the watermelon plant!!
Camila loves watermelon!!


Amy said...

I wish I was there to feast on the watermelon with you. You go girl!! I'm very impressed. xo

tia hil said...

Oh yeah!! Very impressive! A feast for the little gal!woohoo