Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why "Tube Food"?

Soliz and Camila both have g-tubes (gastric feeding tubes).  They were obviously not born with them.  They both took a bottle for there first many months;  and I pumped for them, so they have never had formula.  But at 18 months they were just not taking in enough solids.  No reflux.  No aspiration.  Just not enough food intake.  When Soliz was about 14 months old I had a strong intuitive feeling that Soliz needed to get  a g-tube.  (I was not yet aware that I was pregnant, and I did not know Camila would also be born with challenges due to WHS).  So at 18 months Soliz got his tube.  Then, either ironically or coincidentally, Camila also got her's when she was 18 months old.  Camila has more challenges when it comes to eating as she was born with a cleft palate.  Not only does she have the cleft, but she also just has a hard time keeping the food in her mouth.  She has an over abundance of saliva which makes it very difficult for her to chew and swallow.  Soliz on the other hand eats very well when he wants to.  He doesn't even need a bib and will usually try anything his mom or dad are eating.  We hope that Camila gets to this point in the next couple of years.

 Even though both the kids have g-tubes they eat by mouth at every meal. We are constantly working on eating. The g-tube certainly isn't the "easy way out".  The g-tube is our assurance that our kids are getting all their nutritional needs each and everyday.  In fact, we make all the food that goes into their tubes.  Their homemade formula is colorful-green, orange, yellow and purple.  Because of the g-tube we feel very confident going on adventures, traveling and day trips which require eating on the go.  Without the g-tubes I'm not sure if we would ever leave the house.  Especially with the eating challenges times two!!!!!


Mix it all together......

....and you get a nutritional concoction that keeps our kids healthy and strong!


tia hil said...

yummy fresh and healthy foods!

Amy said... looks beautiful. You did a great job explaining the WHY. I hope other moms read this and it helps them.

aimee frazier said...

This was so helpful to read to understand the g-tube - I love the pictures! Yeah, Vitamix!