Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Today Show

I loved watching this video clip.  It honor's the siblings of a 13 year old boy who has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, the same genetic syndrome my kids were born with.  It is a hopeful clip as the boy is interactive, social, and happy!!!!  I am all about educating people about the positives when it comes to WHS (4pminus).  So much of what is available on the web to read is very negative and at times dismal.  To see this clip brings hope for the future of our children.

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Lauren said...

Oh, I love this clip too!!! I too am very happy when things are written about the positive things and the accomplishments of our kiddos! That is why I so appreciate WHS mommy bloggers... because we have lots more to say about our kids and their potential than what emedicine and other medical literature says!