Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Week In Photos (2)

Well, it's Tuesday night and I am finally getting "Our Week in Photos (2)" posted. Perhaps this says something about last week or maybe it's about this week already being so damn busy that my head is spinning. Last week was smooth-ish, yet I can barely remember it now. Soliz had a cold that quickly turned to a cough. He is over it now which is somewhat of a miracle because usually we land in the ER at some point during his sicknesses. I feel like we are finally figuring out how aggressively we need to treat him (with herbs, etc) when he gets those first signs of a cold.
Take note: Some of the comments in "Our Week in Photos" will be by Andre'. The more sarcastic the more likely it's Andre's contribution!!

Camila and Soliz have vision therapy once a week. This is Sheila their vision therapist from Foundation for Blind Children (FBC). Soliz and Camila both have Bilateral Optic Nerve Colabomas and Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI). I would say the CVI effects their vision the most; this is more of a neurological diagnosis. It basically means that sometimes the brain can process what the eyes see and other times the brain is unable to process what the eyes see. Camila is also very nearsighted and may have to get glasses before she is a year old.

Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub!
(All the guys from FBC).

Angel or Alien?
Either way nothing makes Soliz' day like swimming!
His mood is smooth as butta the rest of the night!

The older Camila Rose gets the more she looks like Mom!

Sunday morning at the Desert Botanical Garden.
Soliz has become quite good at drinking from a water bottle.
Dad's become quite good at looking at his BlackBerry with one hand and giving out drinks with the other!

"Look! Birds! I told you we should have brought the slingshot Soliz!"

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