Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Week In Photos

Little by little, I am wanting to open up our world to you. I started this blog with sharing lots of photos of my familia. Now I am including more words. One idea I have is to have a weekly update in photos and words, some high points (and low points) of our week. Eventually I want to include both of the kid's birth stories, etc.-how we got to where we are today. Time is so limited now. Please bear with me.....
Soliz has graduated, during Physical Therapy from a stander to a gait trainer. This is the Bronco. Kris, his PT, pulls him for one step and then he moves his own feet forward, so he can get used to the feeling of moving his feet. The other day he did entire lap around his school.

This is a picture of Soliz' communication cards. We have photographed our immediate family and of course have included the beloved Denise in this special group of people. To start with, we will use the cards to see if Soliz can distinguish between two different people, whether it be with his eyes or his hands. For example, we will hold up the card of Camila and Dad and ask Soliz "Where is Camila?" or "Where is Dad?"

Camila loves avocado and wearing slick little beanies!
Soliz and Jen during feeding therapy.

I had a great idea! Why don't we had an indoor picnic!

With in minutes Soliz had gone stiff with displeasure...

and Camila fell asleep! Some plan!

Camila had "fallen out" during our eating adventures, so Soliz and I took the time for a photo shoot while laying on the resonance board.

Camila hanging with the boys at Foundation for Blind Children.

Soliz and I had an amazing time at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. We chose kale and shared a green corn tamale. We had a dreamy morning together.

Once again Camila just chilling with all the guys!


Hannah said...

Looks like you had a pretty good week. I love seeing into the lives of other kids with WHS. Camila and Soliz never cease to amaze me. I love how Soliz looks in the gait trainer. Mobility is awesome.

Lauren said...

This is a great idea. Cannot wait for the birth stories too! YEA!

Love all the pictures but my favorite is the picture of you and Soliz when you are looking at each other.