Saturday, August 13, 2011

California Dreamin': San Diego ,2011

When Soliz was in the hospital last month for an infection at the sight of his spinal fusion we had tossed away the idea of going on any summer vacation. I felt so discouraged that we had been trying and trying to get back on our feet and so disappointed that our upcoming break was going to be possibly taken away from our family. Luckily Soliz healed very quickly. We took the wound packing supplies with us along with his oral antibiotic and had a wonderful, amazing, healing time away. In fact, being near the sea air did wonders for Soliz and his healing and both the kids came back stronger, tanner and with a new found love of the ocean. We spent the first half of our trip in San Diego with Andre's mom and the second week in Santa Barbara with my mom and Step-dad.


tia hil said...

Woohoo! Sooo glad you guys were able to go!! The kids looks so healthy and happy!

Kristen said...

I have NO IDEA how I have been missing your posts... so - I'm thrilled you were able to take a vacation. I know what you mean about the disappointment and worry of going away. This year's vacation was a HUGE victory for our family ... to be able to go away. Just. Like. We. Should. be able to. Love that you were able to also.

Andre Magdelano said...

Notice the first pic? That's the last time Soliz wore his cervical collar! Yea!