Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two Weeks of Pure Bliss

Soliz started standing....
...and Camila started sitting.

For Soliz' 4th birthday we rode Lil' Toot around the
Santa Barbara harbor...

Andre' boogie boarding with the dolphins...

...and Grandpo Dan catching a wave!!!

The kids both started eating very well while we were away.
We spent about 90% of our time outdoors. I think this
made a huge difference!!! This is us eating on the road, at
a Rest Area outside of Palm Springs, CA.



Kristy said...

Oh Happy Day! I am so excited to see Soliz standing and Camilla sitting! What wonderful accomplishments. I am so happy to hear you all had a wonderful vacation.

tia hil said...

WOwwee!! Some wonderful memories made!!

Kristen said...

AAHHHH!!!!! Soliz standing!!!! And so soon after his surgery!?!?! How amazing. And Cami sitting? Unbelievable. Makes your heart happy.